Mary Rowell, Concermaster, gets a massage from the orchestra's massage therapist Carillon Nichols before a performanceThe Rose City Chamber Orchestra is always looking for good musicians. The orchestra is made up of both members and guest members and we are looking for strong musicians to add to our guest member list. Benefits include free massages before every performance.

We have immediate openings for strings, although we will consider any qualified musician. Applicants should be prepare a solo and two contrasting excerpts. In addition, you may be asked to sight read as part of a chamber group.

If you would like a chance to become part of the orchestra, please mail us a copy of your musical resume and we will call you to set up a time to audition. Auditions for open positions are held at regular intervals. Resumes can either be sent to the address below or e-mailed in plain text or Microsoft Word format to Mary Rowell.

Rose City Chamber Orchestra
P. O. Box 6652
Portland, OR 97228-6652

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