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Rose City Chamber Orchestra welcomes donors of all types!

Please help As one of the newest arts organizations in Portland, we are striving to be fiscally responsible from the outset. So far, we have operated completely debt-free. Our continued financial viability rests on three foundations: (1) ticket sales, (2) in-kind contributions, chiefly of our players, conductors, and soloists, and (3) donations and grants by individuals, corporations and foundations. We have purposely kept our tickets prices low, since we want to provide great concerts to everyone. Our players, conductors and soloists have been remarkably generous. Through a fund-raising effort last spring, we successfully raised matching funds to meet two grants awarded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

We are currently raising funds in order to pay for the expenses of our current and upcoming seasons. Our expenses include, among other things: hall rentals, printing costs, music purchases and rentals, artists' fees and postage.

Donors may give in any amount. All contributions are tax-deductible.
Send checks to:

   Rose City Chamber Orchestra
   P. O. Box 6652
   Portland, OR 97228-6652

Please also indicate how you would like your name to appear in the program.

In-kind donations from businesses, especially printing and printing supplies, are also welcome.

Thank you!

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